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Tis the Season for Helping!

Wanna help a worthwhile charity while helping an indie author/publisher while doing your holiday shopping online this week? Through Monday, 30 Dec, 25% of all product totals ordered online at will be donated to If we sell at least 25 books (paperbacks and/or ebooks combined) some lucky buyer this week will also receive either a signed British paperback …

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This Used to Be My Playground

Today I got to be part of the Virginia Read-Aloud activities at my long-ago alma mater, North Tazewell Elementary School. Yes, I should sit down and write a proper blog about it, but I’ve got some kind of head cold/chest crud again and can barely keep my eyes open, so instead, you get a list for this one. Bear in …

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Looks Like We Made It!

WOW!!!! We did it!!! In just 8 days, YOU guys helped me reach a goal that I could not have reached so quickly otherwise! Many thanks to Dina Cruise Reece and John Lane for helping us hit the magical mark! The fundraiser will remain open until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 15 October. You can continue to make gifts through that …

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Look Inside

Several people have asked me what the new book, Running From Crazy, is about. It follows much the same format as Dog Days and Dragonflies in that it is a collection of stories, essays, and poems. As the title suggests, the subject matter is a bit darker than that of the first collection. The pieces in this collection deal with …

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Born and raised in Southwestern Virginia, Chrissie Anderson Peters received stories from those around her from a young age. Many of those stories serve as the frames or foundations of what she writes today.

A 1989 graduate of Tazewell High School, she received her BA from Emory & Henry College (1993) and her Masters of Science in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee (2002).

Always an avid reader, Chrissie began writing in fourth grade. After college she continued collecting writing ideas, although she did not write much for several years. Her dedication to writing rekindled in 2005 when she took a Creative Writing course at Northeast State Community College, where she worked as a librarian. Since then, her work has been published in Echoes & Images, Clinch Mountain Review, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, The Howl, and in the acclaimed online publication Still: The Journal. She has received accolades in several contests, as well as being accepted at the Hindman Settlement School’s Appalachian Writers Workshop (2010-2013). She currently serves as President of the Poetry Society of Tennessee’s Northeast Chapter and is also a member of the Appalachian Authors Guild, Boone Tree Library Association, Tennessee Library Association, Tazewell County Historical Society, and Grayson County (Virginia) Heritage Foundation (of which she is a Board Member).

In addition to writing, Chrissie loves to travel and meet people; she loves getting to know places and people, and their stories. She returned to the US at the end of Summer 2013 from a four-week jaunt through the UK and parts of Europe, a trip that will serve as the backdrop for her third book, Chasing After Rainbows, a collection of essays: part travelogue, part planning guide, part adventure tale, part cultural frustration, part introduction to some of the people she met, and part Duran-Duran-obsessed dream-come-true.

Chrissie and her husband Russ reside in Bristol, Tennessee, with their feline children. Dog Days and Dragonflies is her first full-length publication; Running From Crazy will be her second collection of stories/essays/poems. For more information, check out her website,, or email her at You can also follow her on Facebook at and through Twitter at @CAPWritesdisc_dragonfly_space Kizi games